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written by john c ashworth

5 Exercises you can do in 5 minutes and that you should do at least 5 days per week!

Every so often, I joke about the things I’d like to have in my next life as a parent.  You know, the things you can’t afford now, or that they haven’t invented yet.  Like an ‘Incubator Bed.’  The kind of bed they put the premature babies in but for kids and maybe parents of all ages.  You could control the heat perfectly and never have to wake up again and have to cover anyone up.  Sounds good, right?

I feel strongly about these items because being a parent of babies and toddlers can be brutal in terms of the strain it puts on your body every day.  I mean if you put any length of time in at home taking care of the kids, you’re standing for incredibly long periods of time in the kitchen and in attempts to quiet a crying baby.  You’re bending over almost constantly at the sink washing something.  And you’re carrying a fairly good sized load all over the place.  Personally, I remember feeling the strain on my left shoulder where I always carried my kids, and my hamstrings being so tight all the time.  The bending over at the tub added another thing to my parent wish list – a tub that is at standing height.  Yes, I know.  When they are tiny, you can wash em’ in the sink or get their little baby bath to standing height somehow, but not when they get much older than that.

Combine the physical strain with the lack of sleep and you have a recipe for a tired and sore body, especially your back.

Now, the five exercises below are obviously not going to solve your problems completely, but they will help.  Especially if you do them at least five days per week as I’m recommending.  And then maybe you’ll find a way to add more when you have more time and energy.

How about we call this my 5-5-5 back exercise program for parents with newborn babies.  Five exercise you can do in five minutes five days per week.  Let’s face it.  You’re exhausted and you don’t need another nagging commitment on your to do list.  Five days is good.

Here they are.  Enjoy the benefits…1 minute each – keep the weights low for strength moves…

1. Doorway Stretch
2. Slow Bicep Curls
3. Front Raise All the Way Up

On the Kitchen Floor if you have to…
4. Active hamstring stretch
5. Stationary Lunge to Lunge Stretch

I’ll be demonstrating these on the air tonight and I’ve posted a video description here that is much longer than I have time for on TV :)




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