My Madison Fitness Boot Camp is Back!

This Program Runs in the Summer Only…check back in May for Announcements

“Come and Try a FREE Class at my Madison Fitness Boot Camp – OR as the current participants call it, “Fitness at The Park” – because “Boot Camp” is for the under 40 crowd :)

…send me an email (john(at) to register or for more information.” – John

John Ashworth, Owner of The Fitness Nomad: A former All-American & Now a Certified highly sought after fitness coach has helped more than 522 Madison and Middleton residents transform their lives over the last 10 years here in Wisconsin.  His boot camp, which ran for three years spanning 2007-2010 raised more than $4,000 for the Midvale/Lincoln Elementary Schools and was one of the most popular fitness boot camps in Madison at the time…

“…and I’m incredibly excited to announce that boot camp is back by popular demand for the summer of 2013
at Westmorland Park!”  -John

My Madison Fitness Boot Camp Location and times are listed below…


What People are Saying…

“I love ‘fitness at the park.’  It reminds of my gym class in 8th grade – when I used to actually LIKE gym class.  John is a lot of fun and I really enjoy and benefit from the comradery.”  -Kelley Patterson, Age 40+, Westmorland neighbor

“Thanks for your words of encouragement.  I hope you are having a good summer and that business is going well.  Your name has appeared on the Westmorland listserve with songs of praise for the Boot camp.”  -Lisa Tennant, Owner, Releaf Body Work

“The great thing about Nomad’s boot camp is that it works my body in a completely different way. I’m much more flexible, and much more aerobically fit since I started. I’m also having a lot of fun and am meeting a lot of great people along the way!” -Dave Faliski, 43, Madison, WI

“This is not your regular group exercise class, it’s really a great workout. I love coming and I’ve met some really great people and am having a lot of fun!” Emily Moyer, Madison, WI

“I eliminated my blood pressure medication since joining the Nomad Boot Camp. I feel great, and I have more energy. Thanks John.! -Amy Onofrey , Westmorland Neighbor

We would Love to Have YOU! But time is quickly running out…

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The Summer Session at Westmorland Park starts July 8th and will run through August 30th on Mondays and Thursdays from 6-7 PM.

We meet at the big Oak Tree just North of the Park Shelter.

Here is a glimpse of everything that is in store for you…

PS   YES!  We have already started (July 8th).  But I’ve checked with ALL of the current participants and they are completely OK with me offering you a pro-rated “Fitness at The Park” membership.  If you are interested, please just send me an email for now at: john(at)  OR, just show up on Monday or Thursday at 6 PM and you can try a class for FREE!