Are your new year’s resolutions nothing more than a cliche?

written by john c ashworth, ma, ces

Are your new year’s resolutions nothing more than a cliche?

“Have a nice day.” I said, as I walked out of the office following another adjustment at the chiropractor’s office.

“Have a nice year…” The receptionist said softly and with a touch of innocence that compelled me to begin this post. Because it’s that time of year again, isn’t it? That time where we are all aware on some level of the things we accomplished over the past year, the things we didn’t accomplish, and of course, the goals we have hopefully begun to lay out for ourselves for the coming year.

The whole thing often begins to feel more like a cliche than an opportunity for personal growth. People talking in the break room about their plans to improve eating habits, stop smoking, lose weight, sell more cars, or even find a significant other with whom they can spend the rest of their life.

Especially when it comes to weight loss, fitness, and anything else related to getting off your butt and doing something positive about your health this year, your words start to look and feel like more of a cliche than an earnest attempt to improve. Let’s face it. You will not magically change, when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. Change does not occur by the ringing of a bell inside the clock tower in town square. Instead, it takes place in the conference rooms inside the basement of that tower. Town officials grinding out meeting after meeting in order to agree on policies that will lead to the kind of change and the kind of city we all want to live in.

It is the same kind of methodical approach to your health and fitness that creates true and lasting personal transformation. Someone asked me the other day how much time it really takes to become totally fit and healthy. That question in this context is a great example of what I’m talking about. I mean are you ever really there? Or are you instead in constant pursuit of even better performance, an even leaner physique, an even more rigorous effort in your next boot camp class? A constant pursuit of personal growth. Because I believe you should be. None of are or ever will be perfect.

That said, I tell my clients that to completely transform and achieve what you know is stirring inside you this time of year that you’re looking at a time frame of at least six months to a year. That, of course, assuming that you implement and take action. Because the pace of your change is determined by the assertiveness of your action. That is a simple life truth.

The question that remains for you is this…

How much action is realistic for you right now…this year? How much time, energy, and commitment to change do you possess in relation to the goals you would like to achieve this year? Have you laid those goals out, mapped out their steps, and taken a very close look at exactly what it will take to achieve them?

That’s what I thought.

Time to get to work…