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14[video] 3 Lessons from my gym workout this morning
20How to Improve Your gym adherence and through more mindfulness and more
20Exercise of the week…Finger Tip Push-ups with Pelvic Lockdown for the abs
2workouts – Your weekly workout challenge for the first week of the year

31Happy New Year!
29The Fitness Nomad is back!
29Are your new year’s resolutions nothing more than a cliche?
7iBodyFit Review 2015 – TopTenREVIEWS
30[video exercise database] Burpees with a Spiderman Push-up – Slow Mo. Start your day right!
18New research reveals one more good reason to get your sugar cravings in check
214 Simple Strategies that will Double YOUR Fitness program results
15[podcast] Here’s a marketing idea for magazines. I for one, would greatly appreciate this…
11[podcast] Context is key when it comes to answering your fitness program questions…
7[fitness friday] What are the best exercises?
6[podcast] How the mundane tasks are the true secret ingredients of your health and fitness success…
5[podcast] Childhood Obesity reduced by 43%? Not so fast…that number has been photoshopped!
4A Hunk Of Planet Dissolves Before Our Eyes : Krulwich Wonders… : NPR
28[podcast] How to find the sweet spot in your fitness program
21[fitness friday] How to train like an Olympian
20[podcast] Beware of the fluff in the fitness industry…fitness industry statistics are lacking
19[podcast] How to start a corporate wellness program – it’s not that hard…
13[podcast] How to achieve your goals with one slight shift…
6No Time to Exercise? No Problem. Discover how to Turn Your Entire House into the workout playground of your dreams.
31Don’t have time to exercise? No Problem! Tune in tonight on NBC 15 for my Friday Fitness Segment with Leigh Mills. I have a solution for you…
30[video] How to relieve stress
28[video] How to Achieve Your Goals
27[video] How to hire the right personal trainer – part 1 of 2
23You really can do it this year…
19[workshop] Would you like to join me? I’ll teach you how to make 2014 your best year ever!
17How to make your fitness resolutions stick this year!
16How to Make 2014 YOUR Best year Ever!
16How to make 2014 YOUR BEST Year Ever!
13How to use Runkeeper for fitness success!
10What makes my online personal training center different?
9How to stay on track in 2014
8Why good english is important in marketing. What is your reaction to this post on twitter?
4My 2014 Weight Loss Guide is Live!
3All that awaits you inside…
3What if I told you, you could NOT be anything you want to be…
1[on truth] this post is fitting for my first one in 2014

30For Fitness, Intensity Matters –
25Essential Tools for Winter Walkers
20Lack of sleep and lack of consistent bed time and wake time could be making you fatter…
20Better to Consume than Create Content While On Your Treadmill Desk |
20This incredibly simple system could change your life, your fitness program, and your pain levels forever…
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18[video] Move of the Week: How to get RIPPED in 20 minutes or less per week…
11My December Challenge as Seen on NBC15 with Leigh Mills
7Is your check engine light on?
6Join my December Challenge!
6How to stay lean, stress-free and energized for the holidays
5The essence of your weight loss success…
3All this great data…
30[workouts] Train Like a Nomad This Weekend…
27My Black Friday Deal is Coming…
26[podcast] What is the bare minimum when it comes to exercise?
25My Move of the Week @ Harbor Athletic Club
24Your Sunday Workout from The Fitness Nomad, Your Online Personal Trainer
185 Exercises you can do with a Ladder
15What’s your fitness age? New Online Tool shows you, and without the need for a fitness test
14Are you ready to get fit? Answers these questions to find out…
12Move of the Week @ Harbor Athletic Club
11Albert Sidney Johnston
11Tea Time
11How to balance your barbell shoulder press, and get a solid shoulder workout at the same time
8Why I love to play the classical guitar…
8Has the internet become too much like TV?
6Get Stronger, Feel Younger, and Lose Weight – in just 5 minutes a day…
1[Fitness Friday] Why Doctors Worry about Kids’ Bones, and why I hope this post gets you Hopping Mad…
1[Podcast] Why doctors worry about Kids’ Bones
30[Video] A few notes about how to create more time so that you can pursue your most enjoyable pursuits :)
28[monday motivation] Your bones, Your Back, and a Chance to Re-Set Yourself for the Week
27[videos] How your feet can save your low back and help prevent low back pain
255 major trends that significantly affect the female demographic
25Cozy Quarters for my trip back to Wisconsin from Club Industry in Chicago
18[Fitness Friday] New Research Shows Exercise as good as Medicine for heart disease, diabetes and stroke
18Men’s Fitness – Feed – Exercise May Work as Well as Drugs for Common Diseases
17What’s your Opinion? “Hot Mom Defends Herself Against Facebook Haters | Parenting – Yahoo Shine”
17Why the key to a good cup of tea is the same as the key to a well-rounded fitness program
16[15 second podcast] Seriously? This is where we’re headed?
11How to get back on track with your health and fitness program…
4[Fitness Friday] How to lose more weight with less exercise
29Equality for women? Not quite…
29Why I love the data…
20[Fitness Friday] The Myth is shows there is no such thing as a dumb jock
16[Podcast] What are the tools of your trade?
6[NBC Fitness Friday] “Should I Bike or Run – Which is better?”
6Every Number Tells a Story…
2Why there is no substitute for having a Fitness Coach and how my new software application can help…
29800 Miles in 27 Months…
28The Fitness Nomad @ Harbor Athletic Club!
23Awesome quote about time…
20Why should I believe you?
16[Fitness Friday] Fast Track Your Health and Fitness Goals with this important and vital strength training program design technique
14[Podcast] Be The One, it’s your responsibility as a fitness business owner and fitness professional…
12The Fitness Business University is Open! …and Why Positive Thinking is a waste of time…
8[Podcast] Know your fitness business numbers, because if you don’t, this could happen to you…
8The importance of setting weekly goals for your clients and how my software application can help…
7[Podcast] When too much sales and marketing focus get the better of you and your fitness business…
6Are Corporate Wellness Programs Making Your Company Sick? | Workforce content from IndustryWeek
5[Podcast] Want to run a successful fitness business? You’re gonna have to learn how to sell…
2[NBC Fitness Friday Segment] “Fat Talk.” Compelling but dangerous…
2Fat Talk Compels but Carries a Cost –
1How to prevent this dreaded disease inside your fitness business…
31Small Business Gets a Boost with the $10,000 Wellness Tax Credit | LeanWagon
30Have you joined yet?
28[Virtual Coaching] Happy Sunday! Here’s a video update…
26[Podcast] Promise Nothing!
24Get my new Virtual Coaching program and a copy of my book FREE!
24[Podcast] The benefits of corporate wellness
23[Podcast] What are you gonna do – right now?
20[Virtual Coaching] You will NEVER get caught up, and why it’s OK…
20Pregnancy and Exercise – my most recent Fitness Friday segment on NBC 15
20[Podcast] The quickest way to get everything done…
19Exercise During Pregnancy – What and How Much Should I do?
16The Unstoppable Rise of the Celebrity Trainer – Businessweek
11As a fitness professional and fitness business owner, I bet you can relate to this…
9Madison Fitness Boot Camp Map
7Familiar with the Kahn Academy? If not, you should be…
5Phil Hansen: Embrace the shake | Video on
4Anytime Fitness in Poway welcoming new members – Pomerado News | Pomerado News
4GQ Fitness: The Naked Workout | GQ
4‘Functional fitness’ keeps seniors moving –
4‘Functional fitness’ keeps seniors moving –
4Jawbone’s lifestyle and fitness wristband adds support for IFTTT, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, and 8 other services – The Next Web
4Some good advice here about how to hire a fitness business coach
4Secrets of a world-class gym | Newcastle Herald
2[Screen Cast Video] Why looking for the DATA inside your fitness business is so important
2My Madison Fitness Boot Camp is Back!
2When to Trust Your Gut In Business – HootSuite Social Media Management
1Google admits that their much discussed interview “brain teasers” were a “waste of time.
29My Madison Fitness Boot Camp is Coming! Starts July 8th at Westmorland Park in Madison Wisconsin…
28Corporate wellness programs: Not quite the cost savers | Washington Post
28Club Industry Conference Moves back to Chicago
27Fitness Tracking Apps: Not Just for Exercise Anymore – PR Newswire – The Sacramento Bee
27A Hospital System’s Wellness Program Linked To Health Plan Enrollment Cut Hospitalizations But Not Overall Costs
27The Key to corporate wellness is participant engagement – this company showing us how
27Georgia Southern graduate turns love for fitness into local fitness business
27A clever fitness marketing tactic
27Inquiry into fitness test deaths continues – Times LIVE
27San Diego Healthiest Medium-sized Companies Embody Wellness
26How to Reclaim Your Feminine Firm and Fit Body in 24 Weeks or Less!
25Why the Workplace Will Be the Future of Health and Fitness
25Top 100 Most Influential Personal Fitness Trainers of All Time » Kick Back Life
25A corporate wellness program that’s actually fun? — Tech News and Analysis
25This story is tragic, and raises one important question about the equipment on hand in your fitness business
25Is your corporate wellness program this week rounded?
24From a stroll on the beach, a new fitness business path
24Basketball player Dwayne Wade releases fitness app | Boston Herald
24Finally, eliminate the stress of managing your fitness business
24The ritual of exercise | Fitness Nomad Report
24The core of corporate wellness – the culture. This cult brand company shows us…
24Withings launches Pulse fitness gadget to compete with Fitbit, Nike | Digital Trends
23More deaths than births in 2012 for whites
23More Junk Food. The Answer to Obesity?
23Corporate Wellness Programs. Boon or Boondoggle?
21Why you should consider turning your exercise program into a ritual
21[Podcast] Be Prepared inside your fitness business – for anything…
19Strong fitness businesses are driven by the data
7How swimming transformed my fitness program
23Tigonderoga Nights – Why I’m writing in Pencil again and what that means for your fitness business or corporate wellness program
21[Video] Trying to break into Corporate Wellness? Watch this video…
17Have we created a culture of “The Living Dead?”
16A Pot of Tea is a great mid- morning productivity boost
72 Keys to Corporate Wellness that will drive engagement and compliance
7[Video]: How to coach your clients virtually using fitness business software
3Five ways to burn more calories at work and maybe lose a few pounds this year
2[Podcast] The story of my fitness business and strategies for guerilla fitness marketing…
29What data are you ignorning inside your fitness business?
24Podcast: Why you should consider rising before dawn 360 days per year
19Video: How to keep your body in shape for running this spring and summer
18A poem in my pocket…
15Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart – Harvard Health Publications
11What do you stand for? And the truth about “flipping burgers”
6How to improve your personal training business – part 3
5Is Stretching Really Bad For Me?
3How to improve your personal training business starting today – part 2
2Podcast: How do you know they are not just OUTLIERS in your fitness business?
1Podcast: How to enhance Exercise Adherence in your fitness business.
28How to create and own YOUR fitness business niche
26How do you know if your fitness business is any good?
24What might happen if I actually did this?
22How to grow your personal training business with assessments
21Podcast: A few notes about how to measure exercise and nutrition adherence – my white paper pending…
12How to improve your personal training business starting today – part 1
8Connect, Assess, and Track. Are you doing this with your personal training clients?
4I’ve been doing it for 7 years with great success – but it’s still no magic bullet…
1Your Modern Day Women Survival Guide: More housework?
25In-home personal training in Madison WI and surrounding areas now available!
23Nomad’s Saturday morning power tea for recovery, rejuvenation, and re-birth
23How to Make Your Own Energy Bars at Home |
22Common Fitness Business Mistakes
21…”It’s not just about gaining new clients”
20Fitness Pros: “Could the Art of Personal Training Really be Dead?”
15Why a regular fitness assessment is so important and a set of simple tests you can perform on your own
12It’s my Birthday! Get 44% OFF Personal Training & Virtual Coaching!
8Why “Biggest Loser” Contests are NOT Corporate Wellness
7The Fitness Nomad’s Virtual Coaching Program Launches @ Madison Country Day School!
4The Fitness Nomad’s new virtual coaching platform and data management system launches at Madison Country Day School…
1Tune in for Tonights Fitness Segment with Leigh Mills on NBC 15 here in Madison…
29In-Home Personal Training Now Available on these dates and times in your neighborhood……
25Why Strength Training for Overweight Kids is a MUST!
25This is Classic Stuff! Going throught the archives in preparation for tonight’s NBC15 segment with Leigh Mills
24What is Virtual Coaching – “In this video I answer that for you…” -John
11Why everyone LOVES to play on your emotions this time of year
2Three little words that could change your life…

30While daring greatly…
24Santa has left the building…
23Official NORAD Santa Tracker
19Fitness Nomad Virtual Coaching Workout 2
14Fitness Nomad Virtual Coaching Workout 1
13Virtual Coaching with The Fitness Nomad – Now Available!
9The Ambassador and I shared a walk in the snow today…
7The Compound Effects of Exercise – how to supercharge your energy level, prevent disease in your brain, and build an incredibly valuable, super reserve of oxygen throughout your entire body.
5Test for
3It's the kind of feel good thing everyone should start their day with…
27What's so bad about having a big belly?
16There is no such thing as (All or None) when it comes to making time for exercise
15The Juice Cleanse – A Strange and Green Journey –
3The Classic Underwood No. 5
2One More Reason to Get and Stay Fit – It could be the difference in getting hired for your next job
2How Fitness Testing Could Save Your School
2Smoke-Free Workplace Leads to Fewer Heart Attacks –
26In my opinion, this kind of stuff is just one more example of the problem…
23Nutritional Information Comparison for Meat
21How could this have happened?
19Is Barefoot Running Right for YOU?
17Workout with The Fitness Nomad 2
16Healing Hearts With Intense Exercise – ABC News
13Ever Wordled?
5Is P90X Right for YOU?
4The Fitness Nomad On the BBC News Hour Discusses Paul Ryan’s P90X Fitness Program
3I would love your feedback on this – a pilot project for my potential weekly/daily workout series…
2Workouts and Exercises – Overhead Tricep Press on the Bench
29How to Achieve Total Fitness in Just 30 Minutes a Week
25James Coomarasamy of the BBC News Hour Was Here. Doing Paul Ryan’s P90x Workout…
21NBC 15 Segment: Why Getting or Being Fit at 40 or 50 is so Vital
21Really? Using a Computer Before Bed Can Disrupt Sleep –
21For Weight Loss, Less Exercise May Be More –
16A note on patience…
14Don't miss this opportunity
13A beautiful night for a walk…
11Nutrition & Muscle Tightness | Healthy Living –
7Does Fitness Really Matter More Than Fatness? New research says it does. Find out what it means for you…
5It’s Late, Turn Off That Computer! – Berkeley Wellness Letter
5HDL: Not So “Good” After All? – Berkeley Wellness Letter
25The 10 Worst and Best Foods
22Video: The mysterious "Fat Burning Zone"
12Separating Common Health and Fitness Myths from Fact
11Why Walk?
9The one BIG Reason Most People Fail to Achieve Their Health & Fitness Goals
9Solving the Corporate Wellness Puzzle
8Why Sweating Cools YOU Down – from the Kahn Academy series…
8An Interactive Cardiovascular Library – The American Heart Association
7The Fitness Nomad Report
7USDA Food Pyramid
7High Protein Breakfast Ideas
7Dessert At Breakfast May Help Those Seeking Weight Loss
7Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Whole Wheat Waffles
3Why YOUR Health & Fitness Program Should Hold The Same Principles of an Olympic Athlete
2Workout of the day…
1The decline of facebook ad revenue…
30Why gadgets won't help you get fit
27I wouldn't exactly call this a great start…
25Consistency is an apple a day…
24People Sweat. It's OK…
22High-Tech Shortcut To Greek Yogurt Leaves Purists Fuming : The Salt : NPR
20Hours spent watching TV predicts waist circumference and sports performance in kids
19It seems just a little weird…
18Enjoy your concert on the square this evening…
17A blog can be incredibly difficult to keep up with…
16Summer School
6Get a FREE copy of my new book!
6Why Talking on the Phone Can Help Keep Your Exercise Program on Track
3Podcast: The Heart of the Healthcare Weight Loss Problem…
28What in the heck is Sarcopenia, and why is John ALWAYS talking about Muscle Wasting?
27Lunch & Learn – Why You Don’t need a Personal Trainer to Lose Weight
27Lunch & Learn – Why You Don’t need a Personal Trainer to Lose Weight
26Video: For Humans, Slow And Steady Running Won The Race : NPR
22An Accountability System That Really Works – A Fitness Nomad Lunch & Learn
20Lunch & Learn: An Accountability System That Really Works – A Fitness Nomad Lunch & Learn | Fitness Nomad Report
17A Bone Building Health and Fitness and Strength Program for Seniors
14Five Exercises YOU can do on the capital steps in Downtown Madison, WI
12Laughter, and other small changes can help you keep the weight off
8The Top 10 Things Most Nutrition Experts Agree Upon
7Solving childhood obesity might be easier than you think…
5A Victory for The Governor and Reality Sets Back in…
3The #1 Missing Ingredient for Success
3Learning how to let go…
1On NBC 15 tonight: 5 Actions to Take as You Begin YOUR Running Program
30Attention: This Wednesday’s Lunch & Learn starts in about 2.5 Hours – How and Why Your Accountability are at The Heart of Your Success
28White Paper: Why The Simple Concept of Behavior Modification is at The Heart of Your Weight Loss Success
27Actually, You're NOT Eating Enough…a fitness noamd lunch and learn
24The Height of Cultivation Always Runs to Simplicity…
24The Vital Importance of Progressive Overload
23"Actually…You're NOT Eating Enough…" – The Fitness Nomad Lunch & Learn Series Begins
22Actually, You’re Not Eating Enough! Wednesday Lunch & Learn Downtown Madison, Wisconsin
19There are always lateral moves…
18Tonight's NBC Fitness Segment with Leigh Mills – 5 Simple Moves for people who stand or sit a lot – which is most of us :)
18An Inside Look at my Health and Fitness Accountability System
16Lunch & Learn: Why We Get Fat and What You Can Do About It
15Why The Donut?
14Stop Underestimating Yourself and Overestimating Others…
10What YOU can learn from the note I found on my desk today…
8The Magician's Hat
8Welcome to The Fitness Nomad Hub Site
7Who is Keeping Track of All the Data?
4NBC Fitness Segment: What might be causing all that chronic muscle soreness?
3"Nomad Lunch & Learns" now being offered…
2How Sugar Promotes Weight Gain and Gets in the Way of your Weight Loss Efforts…
1Workouts – 6 Moves and 1 Set of Dumbbells
1The true Bohemian Athlete is Always Looking for Ways to Maximize Efficiency…
30The True Bohemian Athlete Learns to Cut The Fat
29Simplicity Requires Ruthlessness
28There Really is NO BIG Secret to YOUR Weight Loss Success
25Are YOU Really Ready To Change?
25Podcast: Visions from My Window – Your Evolution as The Bohemian Athlete…
24Visions from my window…
23Are you Sheep Walking?
21A new Rock Bottom…The "K-E Diet" – Brides-to-Be Using Feeding Tubes to Rapidly Shed Pounds – ABC News
20Tonight's NBC 15 Segment with Leigh Mills: 5 Exercises You can Do with a Box of Books!
20The Empty Promise of a Jelly Donut…
17Podcast: Moving Forward – Always…
15Fear is Such a Waste…
11I just weighed myself in and it wasn't pretty…
6Tonight on NBC 15: Your belief systems are at the heart of your health and fitness success
5What EVERY Plate of Your Food Should Look Like
28The Real Reason We Get Fat
23How Would You Like to Build Twice as Much Muscle with the Same Effort?
22Rescuing a cluture from Insanity…
21Ladies, those high heel shoes might be stylish, and we do love the way you look in them, but you have my permission to remove them…
20Sugar Belly – what that sweet tooth is doing to us…
18A Potent Form of Exercise
17happy St. Patrick's Day!
14The Simplification Continues…
9Pre-Order The Fitness Nomad's New Book – Out in 2 Weeks!
8Everything is Refinement Over Time
6The Many Signs of Spring
4What if the good life isn't really all that good?
2The QUALITY of YOUR Calories Matter
1Want to Simplify Your Life?
25Something Amazing happened when I sent the final draft of my new book back to the editor…
22Take Notice…The Problem is Everywhere
22Phys Ed: How Exercise Fuels the Brain –
21Are you tracking?
17Getting 'Bulky' is worth it
17Phys Ed: How Interval Training Can Improve Health –
16Untangling the benefits and hype surrounding Yoga
15It feels good to walk away…
9We need more snow…
8This Xtranormal Video Says it all…
3Why YOU Need Metabolic Testing
2Groundhog Day 2012: Staten Islanders applaud Chuck's prediction of early spring |
27A new way to measure muscle – MIT News Office
27Slowing Aging by Fighting Muscle Wasting Disease
27Cross-Training by Lifting Weights –
27The Benefits of Weight Training for Kids –
26Get Your Advance Copy of The Fitness Nomad's new book here…
25A great resource for fresh fish from one of my new clients downtown…
24The Untold Story…
19Why all the MONEY in the world can't save you – another Stupid Idea…
17The drippings that hold you down…
6Why Even Leigh Mills Needs Strength Training…
4Odd Wisconsin: New Year's Eve 1843 — OK, we have made some progress…

29The sweet simplicity of Life's Sweetest gifts…
28Winter landscapes…
24Track Santa on using NORAD
23High-Intensity Strength Training – Not just for elite athletes (and my magic trick of being in two places at once :)
23I simply LOVE my new space downtown – Magnificent, and I would love for you to join me…
19Want to Reclaim your Metablism? Here's how…my most recent NBC fitness segment with Leigh Mills
17A little Ian's Pizza @ Nomad's Tonight – Shhhh…don't tell anyone :)
17If snow were colorful…
15It's the 5% I prefer to hang with…
9How to maintain your two most precious assets in life…
8A good first week at Nomad's downtown…would love for you to join us…
5The new studio is open downtown! Allie and I will b here until 1 pm today :)
1How Exercise Benefits the Brain –
1Adios Middleton…
29Incredible discipline from the MGL Fitness Movers & Equipment Masters…
29Today…a studio and a new stage in my fitness career are born!
24Happy Thanksgiving!
23This puts all in its right perspective…
19I Love Saturdays…
18Shake It! How Dogs, Cats, Even Hummingbirds Keep Dry : Krulwich Wonders… : NPR
18The future is looking bright at Nomad's
15Yes, I realize…a more recent report of my walks with Allie is due…in the mean time, I'll share a recent picture…:)
14Why you can't blame your doctor for your weight loss problems…
1420th Century Images: Grandfather's station, 1926  – News – The Charleston Gazette – West Virginia News and Sports -
10The Fitness Nomad's "Soccer Conditioning HUB" launched on facebook yesterday…
4Sharing research – I'm working on tests for my Soccer Conditioning Programs this winter…
4Avoidance of Soccer Injuries with Preseason Conditioning
3One more awesome Benefit of Being an Amazon Prime member…
1Thriving through Chaos…
1Medical Fitness Provides Portal to The Future…
28AT&T Plans To Sell Health-Tracking Clothing – Forbes
27The Fitness Nomad is MOVING Downtown!
27The Deal is Done!
22The workhorse of my business for the first 6 years…
17The average 50 year old woman is almost half fat…
14Blog Find: Suitcase Cardio: Travel Healthy and Stay Fit | Traci D. Mitchell
13Photos from Club Industry and more today…
13Club Industry Show 2011: Turning "Wellness" into Corporate Sales
13Why supplementing with protein is so Good for YOUR Physique!
12Photos from the Club Industry event today…
12hunger scale – Google Search
12At the Club Industry Show in Chicago – will be reporting all weekend… « Build a Better Fitness Career
10The Fitness Nomad, Allie and the kids Rescue stray beagle in Westmorland neighborhood…
9The New World of health & fitness analytics…
8Not sure we really need these…
8Today it was 2v1 at quarter breaks during Ana's game…
7Color in my hood is peaking…
6As promised…more fall color…
5The THING that's missing from most health and fitness programs…
3A beautiful morning for a Monday…
30Saving For Retirement: How Much Do You Need? : NPR
30Fall is here…stay tuned to the Ash Flash section of The Fitness Nomad Report for a full month of color…
30This is Just Sad to me…TV Documentary: Survival of the Half Ton Teen – Boing Boing
29Who's Next? Reebok Agrees To $25M Settlement In Refunds For 'Toning Shoes' : The Two-Way : NPR
26One of my most loyal pieces of equipment over the years…
22Grandma and Grandpa work to figure out their new video camera…
22How many steps will you get today?
17Rule #1 of staying lean – Never eat a burrito this BIG!
17Classic email quote…
16A man. His Chick. And his Bike…
16Another beautiful training session at Pheasant Branch this morning – the Nomad is on the move! And Sara too :)
16Avoid waffle cones…
15I'm lovin' this concept – have been looking for a stand-up desk system for a long time…
15For Fitness Pros – Careers | MINDBODY
15The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Expert Twitter Marketing
15Big Rig Gig – Madison Parks – Madison, Wisconsin
11Innovate or Die!
5Maybe we should put this sign in more chairs…
5Linked-in profile tips for non-traditional careers
29"Dean Clinic warns of possible disease exposures" by Latest News — GazetteXtra
28Andre & Wally B – A landmark in the history of Animation – YouTube
28Andre & Wally B – YouTube – Early Pixar stuff – before they knew they were BIG TIME…
28Drunk Works – YouTube – I'll explain why I'm uploading all this stuff later today…
27Ferris wheel spins in Irene winds in Va. Beach – YouTube
27Amazing Hurricane Irene Wind Video from Nassau, Bahamas (Paradise Island) – YouTube
27Hurricane Irene 2011, Bahamas – YouTube
26My last fitness segment on NBC here in Madison – Dailymotion – VIDEO: Fitness Nomad 5pm 8/19/2011 – a News & Politics video
19Friday evening yellow…
19Want to get fit? Get yourself a Dog! Here's what I've accomplished…
18Cigarettes: What's different about scary warning labels for smokers? –
18Cartoon characters prod kids to nag for unhealthy foods –
18Bill Clinton the vegan talks about his meatless, dairy-free diet –
18How about a little ping pong?
18There is a certain magic in our lives – JSOnline
18Text Messages Bringing Parents And Kids Closer? : NPR
1823 Things Great Brands Do In Social Media
18Resveratrol-Mimicking Drug Is Found to Extend Lives of Obese Mice –
18Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue? –
18The 30-30 HIIT Cardio Workout. A Great "Go-to" HIIT Workout. | Fitness Black Book
17When I Walk it's as if the Gods sing to me…
17Bye, bye boot camp…last one Friday…
12On Location: Cruising With 'American Graffiti' : NPR
12Commit to your book…
11Found this resource on IDEA today…
8Sleep-Deprived New Parents Don't Have To Hit The (Sleeping Pill) Bottle : Shots – Health Blog : NPR
8Baby's Palate And Food Memories Shaped Before Birth : NPR
6Five (And Then Some) Tech Tips for Travel –
6The French Are Getting Fatter, Too : NPR
5Kindle My Blog: How to Publish Your Blog on the Amazon Kindle
5Attention Women: You have new Exercise Heart Rate Guidelines..Are YOU Aware of them?
5Heart Rate Monitors: Help or Hindrance?
5Choosing the Best Shoes for Running, Walking, Cross Training, and More
4The Triumph of New-Age Medicine – Magazine – The Atlantic
3Surgeon General's Current Vision…
3Surgeon General Offers Vision for Healthy, Fit Nation — AAFP News Now — American Academy of Family Physicians
35 Overrated and Underrated Foods
27Where Is Now? The Paradox Of The Present : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR
27The GPS: A Fatally Misleading Travel Companion : NPR
26Pics from today's walks…
24You don't have to look very far…
23A Widening Scope of Practice for the Clinical Exercise Physiologist…
23Fitness Job: Exercise Physiologist/Field Clinical Job, Shape Medical Systems Inc. – Premium
23Fitness – Exercise Physiologist jobs in Georgetown at Take Care Health
23Making the Decision to Quit Tobacco Health Information – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment – NY Times Health
23Changes in Diet and Lifestyle and Long-Term Weight Gain in Women and Men — NEJM
22Podcast: Achievability
21The barefoot quiet at nomad's…
20Is Anyone Tracking This Stuff for YOU? It's important…
20Here's the link for Scheduling Open Times @ Nomad's – more details to follow…
20Eating is Xtreme as Ever at America's Chains ~ Newsroom ~ News from CSPI ~ Center for Science in the Public Interest
15Rethinking How We Teach The 'Net Generation' : NPR
15This is What NO OTHER Gym in Town can do for YOU…
14Hula Hooping as Effective as Boot Camp Workouts, ACE Study Finds
12Life's scientific challenges discussed in Nomad's lobby this morning…
10Podcast: Shaking with Victory! The US Women Hold on Against Brazil…
10NEVER Let Go! Live blog: USA beats Brazil in shootout – Game On!: Covering the Latest Sports News
10U.S. Obesity Epidemic Continues to Spread – MSN Health & Fitness – Healthy Living
10Live blog: USA 1, Brazil 0 in World Cup quarterfinal – Game On!: Covering the Latest Sports News
9New Clues on Caffeine's Health Benefits…
8Perfect Your Environment…
817 Incredible Facts About Internships In America
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4Happy 4th of July – see you at the westmorland Parade…
2A little hot today at the dog park, but nice!
1PB & J lineup…Laura's lunches for weekend almost ready…
1Evening barrel…
1A beautiful night for boot camp at the park…
1No Gym? No problem…
30That about sums it up…
27Podcast: This Journey is FOREVER
27Terrific Walk with Allie Yesterday…
25Soccer Reminder: Parent Meeting this Monday at 7 PM – Details Inside…
25The vital importance of your strength training program goes way beyond Vanity…
21Order Your Jersey by June 24th! Copy of email I sent this evening is inside…
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27This is a problem we all share – The Desire to be NOT FAT!
26"I'm Turning My Fitness Business Upside Down!" Find out how that benefits YOU directly – read this post!
25Soon, boot camp members will get a lot more for their memebership dollar – stay tuned!
25For fitness pros: Cut The Fat in Your Fitness Business
24Place Your Bid!! 1-1 Personal Training @ Nomad's: MW 5-6 PM – details inside this post…
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21Saturday List
18The Single Most Significant Detriment to Your Company's Profitability, and Viability Over the Next Decade? -­ Healthcare Costs!
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1Have logged some good miles with the new puppy since January…
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21Nomad Walks Again…
21Thank Sara! A macaroon and a cup of tea…I feel better already :)
19Special broadcast for Inactive Clients – I've missed you :(
17Why YOUR Accountable 3 is So Important
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17Photo of the day…
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5How about some fun stuff for a Saturday…check out this commuter bike – watch the video
4Weight Loss Will Slow Your Metabolism?
2It's Official. Snow Day! Have Fun…
1Studio will close for Tuesday evening, but please stay tuned…
1Dietary Guidelines Urge Less Soda and Smaller Meals –
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15 Reasons You’re Always Starving
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31Boot camp is ON this evening!
31Nomad's Winter Weather Policy
29John Ashworth, highly recommends the Bonjour Tea Kettle – 2 quarts!
25A Million Reasons all wrapped up in one…
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22Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Nomad Smoothie – 2250
22Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Egg-Salmon – 2250
22Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Poached Eggs – 2250
22Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Egg Whites – 2250
22Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Egg Tortilla – 2250
22Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Tofu & Veggie Burrito – 2500
22Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Quick Waffles – 2500
22Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Sara's Oatmeal – 2500
22Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Cold Cereal – 2500
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17Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – GoLean Cereal – 2250
17Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Nomad Smoothie – 2250
17Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Turkey & Pasta – 1500
17Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Turkey Chili Burger – 1500
17Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Chicken Stir Fry – 1500
17Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Herb Chicken – 1500
17Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Lemon Salmon – 1500
17Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Grilled Tuna – 1500
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16Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Cold Cereal – 2000
16Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – GoLean Cereal – 2000
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15Adding to the Obesity Problem is…Honda with their 'Personal Mobility Prototype' – video
15Tonight’s Boot Camp Workout…
15Healthy Recipe – Snack – Tropical Smoothie – 1750
15Healthy Recipe – Snack – Cottage Cheese & Peaches – 1750
15Healthy Recipe – Snack – Kerir & Almonds – 1750
15Healthy Recipe – Snack – Cinch Choco-Latte Shake – 1750
15Healthy Recipe – Snack – Peanut Butter & Apple – 1750
15Healthy Recipe – Snack – Tuna & Pita – 1750
15Healthy Recipe – Snack – Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie – 1750
15Healthy Recipe – Snack – Cashews & Apples – 1750
15Healthy Recipe – Snack – Almonds & Raisins – 1750
14A Muggle's Dream: Quidditch As A NCAA Sport : NPR
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11My Talk With Bill About Barack | Unconventional Thinking
11Online Learning Is Growing on Campus
11Interval Training Workout Routines for Walking, Running, Rowing, and More
11Sugary Soda, OJ Raise Gout Risk in Women
11Gout Cases on the Rise in U.S.
11Choosing the Best Shoes for Running, Walking, Cross Training, and More
11I drink tea now.
10I think that countertop speaks for itself!
10A year later and there's clarity…
10Steeping up exercise this winter will help you beat the cold virus…
10Nomad News Feed Update…
9Healthy Recipe – Lunch – Turkey Cheeseburger – 1750
9Healthy Recipe – Snack – Fruit & Yogart – 1750
9Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Turkey & Pasta – 1750
9Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Chicken Stir Fry – 1750
9Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Turkey Chili Burger – 1750
9Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Herb Chicken – 1750
9Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Lemon Salmon – 1750
9By the time I finish…
8Healthy Recipe – Lunch – Pork & Pear Salad – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Grilled Tuna – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Veggie Enchilada – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Dinner – Peanut Noodle Salad – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Lunch – Fruity Turkey Salad – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Lunch – Chicken Wrap – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Lunch – Chef Salad – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Lunch – Seared Chicken Salad – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Lunch – Garbonzo & Tuna Salad – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Lunch – John's Tuna Salad – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Egg-Salmon Sandwich – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Egg Whites – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Poached Eggs – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Tofu & Veggie Burrito – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Quick Waffles – 1750
8Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Egg Tortilla – 1750
5Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Cold Cereal – 1750
5Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Nomad Smoothie – 1750
5Healthy Recipe – Lunch – Beans & Salad – 1750
5Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Sara's Oatmeal – 1750
5Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – GoLean Cereal – 1750
3In Today's Culture, You can having your cupcakes and texting too…
31An Industry in Shambles?
29Healthy Recipe – Breakfast – Oatmeal Casserole – 2000
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21Fitness Career News Desk: The Power of 'Connection' & Your Social Graph…
19Back to work on FitnessProBlogger…
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6Simplify your life…my challenge to you!
2Simplify your life…
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30A secret memo for fitness business owners and fitness career employers…
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20Countdown to boot camp at Midvale Elementary
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13When it comes to PR, Follow-Up is Everything…
10Nomad News Desk Update: The Fitness Nomad Manifesto – Part 2
10Nomad News Desk Update: The Fitness Nomad Manifesto – Part 2
8How about a 60 second rant on the word WELLNESS! ICK…(audio)
3The Download for Tonight's NBC 15 Fitness Segment
1Nomad News Desk Update: “National Health Care? More like FREE Cake!”
1Nomad News Desk Update: “National Health Care? More like FREE Cake!”
30See you this September
28My Dining Room Table is For Sale! And it's a great deal…
24The 'Secret' to my World Famous Kickstart program…
21OK, My turn to create an animated video…here it is
20When hungry eat, when tired sleep!
20From one of my clients, Dan Dejarlais. If your're a client, this is required viewing :) You'll see what I mean…
19A Very Important Announcement from a Boot Camp Super Star!
16Anyone need a spoon?
6Getting Fit – Bit by FitBit
5How about Grilled Chicken for Lunch Today – Cooking Demo Video…
5Do you have this kind of courage?
2Nomad News Desk Report: "How to get YOUR Gut – Part 4"
30Special Fitness Nomad "HALF OFF August Special!"
28Your public relations tip and free video…
28I'm your coach, you don't always have to love me, or even like me…
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23Podcast: Why the solution to our health care system lies just inside a Hornet's Nest…
22Is anyone else unhappy? I need to know…
22Nomad News Desk Report: "How to Get a Gut" – Part 3
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22Need help moving your car? This Madison Personal Trainer can help…
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11Make a Bonfire of Your Reputation (when necessary)…
9Quick Tips (and a little physiology) for your exercise in the heat this summer…
7Nomad News Desk Update – How to Build Your Gut Part 2
2247,000 + Recipes? Really…
2247,000 + Recipes? Really…
25Are you a normal weighted woman? I don't care! Actually, I do…
23The Nomad News Desk Report – Your Belly and your Life Span…
23The Nomad News Desk Report – Your Belly and your Life Span…
21How to Work Your Street Corner?
20The Job of an Entrepreneur…
14Distraction is not a new Phenomenon!
10Here’s One…
10Here’s One…
7Can you really sell? Because if you can’t, you’re going nowhere fast…
7This has nothing to do with your genes…
3Salt industry makes earnest attempt to halt human evolotion…
28You're NEVER too Old, Male, Stiff, or Old School to take up Yoga…
26Master of My Alignment…
25Did you ever have a really good Idea, and then…
2472-year-old moves 2,000 pound tree with help of The Fitness Nomad
21Last time I checked, this wasn't a bank!
19Live Cooking Demos at The Fitness Nomad!
19Just Breathe…
18How to Turn Yourself Into a Local Fitness Celebrity…
14Are you fit yet? If you’re near the age of 45 you better hurry toward a YES answer…
14Yoga Heals Me – a personal spiritual journey…
13How to become a fitness celebrity and launch your fitness career…
12There is NO Shortage of People Willing to Waste Your Time…
12There is NO Shortage of People Willing to Waste Your Time…
10What this work is really about…
6Are you unique enough to create fitness career advancement?
2Sugar is bad for you – don't eat it…
1The greatest scientific mistake of our lifetime…
30The Reason I Have a Regular Gig on NBC…
30Good News! The Fitness Nomad has a great reason for you to stay home from the gym!
293 Rules YOU MUST FOLLOW as a Fitness Pro if you want media time in your local market…
26A divine dose of doodling…
26My Daughter's Google Doodle…
24Don't Disappoint Yourself…
24Don't Disappoint Yourself…
24I'm lovin' this concept – have been looking for a stand-up desk system for a long time…
22Pepperoni is The New Bacon
21Are you in control?
16Dispelling the Myth of "The Fat Burning Zone…"
14Miller Lecture Preparation, and a TV appearance down south…
14Ready for the Miller Lecture
13I'm right back in it!
13I'm right back in it!
12Why your resume is out of date…
10Why Our Recipes Are So Unique…
10Podcast: A Tasty Part of a Nutritious Breakfast?
9White Board Workouts and The New "Be A Fitness Nomad" Web Site
8The Legend…
7The Definition of Weight Loss Insanity…
6Wanted—Peaceful Warriors Ready To Build The Legend!
2Discover The Real "Secret" To Training Harder…
2864 Square Feet of Nourishment
2864 Square Feet of Nourishment…
26For Midvale Boot Campers: here is your Post for the comment stream…
25Why Most People Prefer a Paycheck…
24Here's why Good PR is so Powerful!
2021 Rules for Success…
19A little Greyhound Therapy for your fitness program…
18Podcast: How a Fitness Boot Camp Can Help Your Fitness Career…
17Podcast: Come Join Us in Semi-Private Training
16Podcast: Confidence Breeds Attraction
15There's nothing like a good death to shake things up…
15FPB Podcast: Inaugural Broadcast
14FPB Podcast – The Khan Academy and 1 Very Cool Firefox Trick
12My New Commitment to YOU – More remarkeable content than ever – Every Time!
9Be Careful, you're writing says more about you and your personal brand than you think…
5Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back Now!
4Are you building muscle?
26The Fresh Aroma of Systems and How Systems Build Fitness Careers
25YOU are out of Excuses…
23Weight Gain is NOT Inevitable and Weight Loss is VERY HARD Work…
23Are you telling your story?
20Namaste – "The Light in Me Recognizes the Light in You…"
19Walk Now and Be Spry into Your 70s and Beyond…
18Be Careful What You Wish For…
16Why are Man Hole Covers Round and How Does Your Answer Affect Your Fitness Career?
15A New Mantra For Toyota, and a lesson about Your Personal Brand
12Want to Fill Yourself Up with Life? Go to Kindergarten…
12A Special Offer in Honor of my 41st Birthday!
10Your Fitness Career Success is Your Choice, Not Mine…
8Madison Personal Trainer Re-Opens Studio Boot Camp
6Fitness Career Growth Does Not Come from Being Passive…
5Madison Personal Trainer Reveals his Spring Shape-up Program
4Destroy What You Did Before and You Will Be Free To Carry On…
25Is Your False Hope Fading? Recent NBC Segment Video
24Stop The Leaks…
22The Sour Aroma of False Hope…
21Will you be this Spry in the 6th and 7th decade of your life?
20Why I Prefer Not to Work for "The Man"
17How you Really Can Eat More & Weigh Less?
14The Day Winds Down and I'm Grateful…
14The Day Winds Down and I'm Grateful…
12It's YOU!
8"I feel like I'm 12-years old again!"
6Find Your Lighthouse…
6Find Your Lighthouse…
4Intentions for the New Year – Did You See This?

31A Great Chance To Get Some Great Tools and save some money at the same time…
30Your Fitness Blog: A Powerful Communication Channel for you and Your Clients
30Are You Distracted Already?
29Get Stuck-in to Your Health and Fitness Goals this year!
28Are you Ready To Take Action on Your Goals This Year?
28Want to Be a Boot Camp Super Star like Nancy?
24If You are a Woman and You Have Bones, You Should Listen to this…
20Accurate calculation is essential for your weight loss success…
17Food for Thought…
15The Importance of Personality on Your Blog
14Fear is the father of failure
14Two great pics to share with you today :)
11Nomad's Top 10 Health Tips for 2009
9Success = "Being Good at Stuff"
9Studio Closed Today
2This Really is Your Last Chance!
29YOU Are The CEO of YOUR Life…
27The New "Eat Like A Nomad" Nutrition System Is Now Available!
27The Nomad Turkey Card Offer Is On!!!
24As Promised…Your Healthy Turkey Dinner Recipes
22How to Keep Your Brain Young…
21You Don't Need a Press Kit – Yet…read this first!
20This one is required listening this weekend…yes, required!
19Walk Like A Nomad…Photos Enclosed
19I'm Busting!
18YOU are The Brand…
14Not a Post All Week – Here's Why…
11Is Your Ability to Eat Right Driving You Nuts?
3The Halloween Birthday Up-sell
2Berry Skinny Peach Bloopers
2The Halloween Birthday Upsell
30How My Fitness Blog Saved the Day…
30How I Work Daily on My Personal Brand Online…
28It's for Them Too…
28The Peaceful Nomad Warrior – Audio
26The All Might Just Be Getting Rich at Your Expense
23I Can't Do It For You…
23The Dawg Blog – Personal Branding at It's Best!
22Audio Interview with Holly Holton, Owner of Pink Iron in West Hollywood. Her "Dog Blog" concept is something we should all consider…
22I Have a Lot To Share With YOU – Your Personal Success System is Enclosed…
19This is Gonna Be Fun – Check it out…
18Tuna – It's What's for Dinner!
17How to Cook Seitan
17Cool stuff happening on the NPE blog this weekend – check it out…
14Your Destiny, and Your Evolution…
13Skirt Benching – Sometimes you just have to find a way to get it done!
12Praise for FitnessProBlogger…you presented several GREAT ideas I had never thought of…"
9Are You In Control?
8The Moment of Perception
8Semi-Private Training at 9 AM is Cranking!
7This Just In – Eating Well is Good for You…
27There's Gold in Your Back Yard…
22You'll Never see this at the boot camp
19"Nobody told me I'd Gain Weight Too…"
17Follow-up to yesterday's Post and Offer – Watch the video…
16Are You Getting Tired of All The Hype?
16The Big Nomad Boot Camp Event!
14The Secret to Running a Successful Fitness Business
11The Irony of The Information Age…
4Beware! Don't let your doctor do this to you…
3Don't get caught behind enemy lines, start your Guerilla Job Search Today!
31A Fire
31A Fire
28Kids Need Strength Training Too! Watch the video
28Kids Need Strength Training Too!
27The Fitness Nomad Boot Camp is Celebrating its 1 year Anniversary!
26I Want to Hear From You…watch the video for a new program announcement
25Your Personality, Your Clients, and Your Real pursuit of a solid mission is essential for a good blog…
25She just keeps getting stronger – watch the video!
14Time to Take a Hard Left Toward the Beach. Care to join me?
11"Here's Why My Fitness and Nutrition System Beats All Others…" -John Ashworth
6"This is the most powerful weapon I've ever seen…"
3This One's a Life Changer
3This One's a Life Changer
31Walking is Not Enough – Tune in to Channel 15 tonight to find out why…
28Tantilizing New Video Reveals Why Your Scale is Lying to You…
28The BNI Muscle Man
28How to Get a Job by "Selling Money at a Discount"
28Story #10: Anne Simon-Wolf
25Your Personal Brand Reputation Can Make or Break You! Watch this video…
24Rain or Shine – the true warriors always show up!
23Please, Don't Park Your Personality
20Will the Current Project You're Working on Make a Difference?
18Cooking with Sara & John: Garden Veggie Egg Whites
17Channel 15 News Segment: Top 5 Strength Moves for Cyclists
15It's Time…
15It's Time…
14Cooking with Sara & John: Tunisian Tuna Salad
13Story #9: The Real 'Secret' to Making it Work…
11How Not To Use a Personal Trainer…
10How about some oatmeal for breakfast in 3 minutes or less…
9Do You Have What it Takes to Survive?
7If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging…
6It Doesn't Matter How Much Money You Make, It's How Much You Keep!
4Friday Night Faithful Flexing for You – Check out these pics!
2Misconceptions, Myths, and Mystical Beliefs About Muscle – Where Women Often Go Wrong
29"Diets" Don't Work – Muscles Do! When You are Willing to Do The Work That is…
24The Essence of Boot Camp at Westmorland Park
24Yes, It’s hot, but You Still Have No Excuses!
19How Strong Women Make and Keep Strong Bones
17Happy Birthday Kirk!
17Want to Save The Environment and Your Health? Eat Less Red Meat…
17Use Your Blog to Share Your Journey…
13Your Strength Endures as Legend – You Must Fight!
8How You Can Become One of The Most Powerful Human Beings on Earth!
5Nomad's Top 5 Strategies for Maximizing Your Fitness Program For Life!
25 Women Find Lasting Secret to Youth, Vitality, Post-Menopausal Zest and Being a Strong, Assertive Fit Women into their 60s, 70s and 80s…
30Want to Lose Weight? Drink More Water…
27Sprinting in the Outfield…
23How to Position Yourself as an Expert Fitness Pro
22How to Hire a Personal Trainer – 5 Tips for Success!
18Story #8: Boot Camp Breeds Success – Watch the Video!
17A Backyard Winner
13Your work saves lives, remember that!
13Walking barefoot in your garden…
10Fish Tacos on the Docket for Tonight
85 Ways to Build Strength and Why It's Important to do it 4 Times a Year
5Critical Mass or Critical Mess?
4Laura's Birthday Tulips
3020 Staples for Busy People's Pantries
29Story #7: Here's what happens when you get the formula just right…masterful!
27The Sheer Importance of Your Personal Brand
22Story #6: How to keep up with your kids and live with vitality into your 50s
20How to Solve One of Life's Big Fat Problems…
20The Truth About Writing…
19Story #5: How to find a sense of balance in your life
14The Sting of The Grass Beneath My Feet…
13Confused About Food? Join the club…
1327 Great Tips for a Better Fitness Blog
12A Can and Half of Soda a Day Leaves a Big Sticky Mess!
10The Real Threat of Terrosim in This Country
10The Real Threat of Terroism in This Country…
8The Magic is Waiting Within…
8I figured out how to fix the Health Care System – Squash the Pillsbury Doughboy!
6Three Important Questions You Must Answer Every Time You Write
5Story #4: How Would You Like to Feel Young Again?
5Story #3: Discover the Secret to Making a Lasting Commitment to Your Health and Fitness
4Story #2: Imagine what it would be like to actually be younger next year…
4Story #1…are you ready to age like a champion?
2Your Fitness Blog Really is Your Own Media Outlet – Treat it that way…
2Nomad Audio Story: It's the People that make The Nomad Boot Camp what it really is…
1Audio Archive: An Introduction from John
30The Fire is Burning and it Cannot be Stopped…
30How and Why You Need to Create "Brand You"
27Here are some great examples for your fitness blog…
27The Top 5 Things You Can do Today to Be Younger Next Year
26You MUST do this every day of your life…
24Be Real – Every Day…
23Why You Should Ignore All The Government Warnings About Exercise
20Walk When The Air is Crisp
17Photos are Great for Your Fitness Blog
17Channel 15 News Segment: Top 5 Reasons You Need Exercise in This Economy
17Time for a Photo Update
15Where is All The Silence Coming From?
13Channel 15 News Segment: The Top 5 Reasons You Need to Exercise and Eat Right – Now more than ever…
13Are You Ready to Age Like a Champion?
12Moving Toward Your Destiny, One Change in the Market at a Time…
8Perfect Content For Your Fitness Blog
6How to Use the Struggling Economy to Improve Your Health
5Don't be a Charlatan, Be Yourself…
4Another Great Nomad Boot Camp Success Story!
1Press Release Idea: Why You Need 30 Minutes Per Day
1Here's Last Friday's Channel 15 News Segment
27This is just an incredible success story…watch the video below
26The Top 5 Reasons You Need 30 Minutes of Exercise Per Day
22Is America is in Denial About What to Eat for Dinner?
20This Michigan Dad is Master of His Metabolism
18Runnin' With The Daisies!
15Tell it Like it is…Life Goes Way More Than 12 rounds
14Why You Can't Avoid Lifting Heavy Things
13Spring is Coming – Are you Fit Yet?
1214 Moves That Define a Man
10I'm in The Best Shape I've Been in 10 Years, Here's Why…
7Let Go and Rise
6Another Great New Boot Camp Video!
5"I just had the best 30 Minutes of my Life."
4A Beautiful Morning for Some Metabolic Testing…
3It's One of My Biggest Frustrations…
1Enter The Sigg Bottle Contest
31Check Out This New Version of The Nomad Boot Camp Video
30Behind The Scenes at The Nomad Boot Camp…
30Behind the Scenes at The Nomad Boot Camp…
29I have Great News – You now only need 30 Seconds of Exercise a Day!
29The Sigg Water Bottle Contest Has Begun…
27Why Your Girl Scout Cookies Might be Older Than You Are
25How to Get Inspired and Get Fit on a Saturday Morning
22More Pictures from The Nomad Boot Camp
22Greatness Is Note a Given – Read This to Find Out Why…
19Be Warned! This is Slightly Controversial…
17I'm Turning 40 next Month and You Won't Believe What I'm Going to Do…
17I'm Turning 40 Nex Month and You Won't Believe What I'm Going to Do…
155 Musts for Your Winter Time Exercise Habit – As Seen on Channel 15 News on 1/15/2009
13Great Photos and Still all Smiles following our Toughest Workout Yet
12Great Photo From Last Friday Night's Boot Camp
9We Had a Great Time at Boot Camp Friday Night! We Missed You :)
7Questions & Answers About The Nomad Boot Camp
7Why My New Year's Resolution is to do More Vacuuming
6Get Inspired & Get Fit in 2009
2Get Inspired & Get Fit in 2009

19Studio is Closed for Friday, December 19th, 2008
15New Boot Camp Video
15Check out The New Boot Camp Video…
9Studio is Closed for Tuesday!
8As of 10 PM Monday Night – We’re Open
5Try These 15 Minute Total BoDy Circuits Designed to Kick Your Butt in a Quarter of an Hour
24How to Stay Fit in Winter!
21How To Stay Fit on The Road
7Why Kettlebells, Why Now?
1Nomad Boot Camp Takes Madison by Storm – As Seen on Channel 15 with Leigh Mills
1How Corporate Fitness Can Make Your Company More Profitable
27Another Boot Camp Success Story…
23Welcome To The Fitness Nomad Boot Camp
22Another Great Night at Boot Camp
22Another Great Night at The Nomad Boot Camp
20Fitness Nomad Boot Camp Success Story
17Finally, the Truth About Weight Loss!
8Nomad Boot Camp is Off to a Great Start!
8Boot Camp is Off to a Great Start!
36 Boot Camp Moves As Seen on Channel 15 with Leigh Mills
265 Yoga Exercises You Can Do With Your Kids
22Second Hand Smoke – Experienced First Hand
16Our Most Recent Video of Dave Faliski – Our September Client of the Month
12Is School Making Your Kids Fat?
5This is How It’s Supposed to Work…
1The Magic Chair
295 Exercises You Can do with the Ball Chair
21Special Announcement and Video – Learn How to Eat Like A Nomad
15Make no Mistake – Weight Loss is Hard Work!
7How To Maximize Your Company’s Bottom Line…
4You Don’t See This Very Often…
29Throw away your treadmill – It’s time for some Hula Hoop
26Diet is a “4 – letter” Word…
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