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[workouts] Train Like a Nomad This Weekend…

Madison Personal Trainer Kick-Start Program

Get Stronger, Feel Younger & Double YOUR Energy Level!  ———————————————- Hire me as YOUR Fitness Coach In-Person and Online Your work begins with The Nomad KickStart Program – Watch this Video for Details! You can reserve your spot in The Fitness Nomad Kick-Start Program Here: **Note: While I currently work full time as a Sales Consultant @ Smart Motors […]

[fitness friday] How to train like an Olympian

How to train like an olympic athlete written by john c ashworth, ma, cscs, ces Rule #1 when it comes to training like an olympic athlete? Don’t try to train EXACTLY like an olympic athlete until you’ve spent some time building a strong base of strength and conditioning. That said, it is both interesting and […]

What makes my online personal training center different?

Your Sunday Workout from The Fitness Nomad, Your Online Personal Trainer

from The Fitness Nomad, your online personal trainer…

Online Personal Training Report for November 2013

The Fitness Nomad’s Online Personal Training Report   created by John Ashworth, The Fitness Nomad   To be alerted immediately when new online personal training and fitness coaching classes are added to the Train Like a Nomad Online Personal Training Center, Subscribe Here. **Special Bonus: when you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll get a FREE […]

Fitness Business Coaching, Fitness by Phone, and In-Home Madison Personal Training

Currently, I’m working on this page… So, if you’re interested in any one of these three services, just send me an email and we’ll set up a FREE no obligation, no risk, no nonsense 15 minute telephone consultation. Send your email to: john(at)      

Top 100 Most Influential Personal Fitness Trainers of All Time » Kick Back Life

What might you need to do to find your way onto a list of personal fitness trainers list like this one.  For just a moment, I was disappointed with some of the choices, and then I re-read the title and decided that the most important message or question here is this: “What can you do today […]

How to improve your personal training business – part 3

written by john c ashworth, ma, cscs, ces As you know, I love the numbers. They’ve saved me. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Because if you’re like I used to be, you avoid the numbers, tell people you’re no good at math, and continue to live in denial about your need to better understand them, and […]

The Fitness Nomad’s Virtual Coaching Program Launches @ Madison Country Day School!

“I am thrilled to announce that my new virtual coaching program and online software platform has launched at Madison Country Day School here in Madison, WI!”  -John Ashworth, The Fitness Nomad This is indeed a very exciting announcement for me.  I have spent the lasts 2+ years in development on this program and service.  A […]